Pro Days

NEW Pro Days

The CSIA is excited to launch a new on-snow training experience for the 2020-2021 ski season called Pro Days.

Pro Days will help develop your technical and teaching skills, build your toolbox and you will benefit from increased understanding while having a great day on the mountain with like-minded CSIA Members. The goal is not to deliver planned content, but rather to simply address your needs in helping you accelerate toward your goals.

These full day (approximately 4.5 hours on-snow) Programs are offered across the country providing the opportunity for additional training directly related to your Certification goals, your interests and your own development needs. Throughout your development as a CSIA Member and as a Ski Instructor, regular participation in Pro Days is a perfect option as part of your personal training.

Registration to Pro Days is based on your current level of Certification. For example, if you are Level 2, use the ‘Search’ function to find and select the Pro Day Level 2 Program at the location of your choice. This formula allows you, and the CSIA, to customize the approach and content of each Pro Day as much as possible. In addition, you will find certain Pro Day themes on the schedule under the themes Trainers, Snow Park Intro and Women in Skiing.

To help your Course Conductor offer the experience that best suits you each time you join us, be sure to update your “Aspirations” throughout the season via your Member Area in My Profile! Across the country, "Pro Day Camps" will offer consecutive Pro Days for an extended training experience, always according to your interests and objectives.

Look for the following Pro Days across the country:

Pro Day - Level 1
Broaden your scope and know-how! Take your skiing and teaching to the next level.

Pro Day - Level 2
Apply and enhance your skills in a variety of terrain and explore task design to help your learners achieve results quickly.

Pro Day - Level 3
Master your skiing and training, as a model for others looking to follow in your footsteps. Gain Level 4 Academy Selection insights.

Pro Day - Level 4
Reach ever higher! Refine your skiing, and fine-tune your methodology.

Pro Day - Trainer
Ongoing, in-season professional development and networking for Trainers and CSIA Course Conductors alike.

Pro Day - Snow Park Intro
Entry level basics in the park: safety, flatboxes, introduction to air (not specific to Certification Level).

Pro Day - Women in Skiing
Enjoy training, connecting, and mentoring with our top female Course Conductors. 1 day Pro Day and 2, 3, 5 day Camps available. New this year: WIS Camps scheduled on weekends and WIS Teen Nights!

Pro Day - Snow School Custom
The CSIA is committed to working directly with Snow Schools to assist in development of their staff, when and where possible. Check with your employer as they may be scheduling Custom Pro Days this season.

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