The CSIA’s commitment to safety has never been greater and we take our role in the Ski Industry very seriously. Health and safety will be the underpinning of everything we do this winter. Our aim is to protect our Members, Course Conductors, Staff and the sustainability of the ski season itself.

We realize that our Members and Partners will take a variety of approaches to risk mitigation and we must stay open-minded and agile in navigating this landscape together with them. The guidelines below are written with these goals in mind. We ask that all Members follow the Protocol.


Q: What is CSIA's COVID-19 Protocol?

A: Daily Questionnaire:

  • Are you presently experiencing any flu-like symptoms, such as a fever, cough, or shortness of breath?
  • Do you live in a household with someone who has COVID-19 or symptoms of COVID-19 or who is self-isolating because they may have been exposed to COVID-19?
  • Do you have, or suspect you have COVID-19?
  • Do you have a face covering to cover your mouth and nose while moving through the ski resort and participating in your CSIA Program?
  • Wearing the face covering is mandatory while on Course. Do you agree to comply?
  • Is your email address and phone number up to date in your CSIA Profile?
  • Do you confirm that you may be subject to measures that ski resorts, and the provincial, territorial, or federal government has put in place to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Please check ahead of time to ensure you are prepared in all aspects.


Q: If I have to cancel my Program due to a COVID-19 related issue (ie. a travel restriction or flu-like symptoms, etc), would I get a refund?

A: Yes, the CSIA can transfer you to a later Program or issue a full refund for that Program. Please contact your Regional Administrative Coordinator (RAC). Click here for contact information, email communication is preferred.


CSIA memo (October 18, 2020) from the Managing Director to the entire Membership about our COVID-19 Protocols and recommendations to stay safe during the 2020-2021 season. Click here.


Your Personal Responsibility as a CSIA Member:

The expectations of our Personal Responsibility as Instructors and CSIA Members have always been high, and perhaps now, this expectation has never been greater.

I wanted to share with you some thoughts on some of what this responsibility means.

First and foremost, it means keeping ourselves safe. Individually, this must be our top priority. Our own health is paramount to protecting those around us, our family, friends, co-workers and skiing guests. We cannot help the world enjoy our great sport if we are not healthy.

It also means following all our CSIA Guidelines and COVID-19 Protocol when it comes to participating in any Programs. We must make ourselves aware of all possible regulations, restrictions, travel advisories and any other recommendation that may affect us. These protocols may come from Ski Areas, Public Health Authorities, or any other level of Government and it is our responsibility to know them and act accordingly. If you have registered for a CSIA Program but now need to reschedule due to any of the above mentioned, including your own comfort level, that is no problem! Click here to get all information.

Avoid being indoors at every opportunity (see the memo sent October 18, 2020). Our greatest vulnerability is indoors, in the company of others.

With a few weeks of Programs already under our belts, we are very confident, with strict adherence to protocols, that we can operate safely where Public Health restrictions and recommendations allow us to do so.

We have an opportunity, every day to set an example how to remain safe while enjoying the sport we love. The CSIA is an active participant in the North America #skiwellbewell campaign. Click here for more information.

The global pandemic has put an incredible strain on the Ski Industry and therefore directly on our profession. How we as CSIA Members support our industry during this delicate time is vitally important and as such we are responsible to adhere to our Code of Ethics at all times. One area that is especially sensitive and has no tolerance is #17 & #19 of our Code of Ethics. This includes the fact that you cannot teach in a Ski Area in Canada without either being an Employee of that Resort (under their employment at the time) or having direct authorization from the Resort to do so.

Our collective leadership and responsibility will help us all get through this unprecedented time and the Staff and Elected Volunteers of the CSIA are here to support you in any way we can.

Stay safe, and I hope to see you soon on the slopes (socially distant of course).

Perry Schmunk

Managing Director




Membership FAQ


Q: What is my Member Number?

A: Your CSIA Member Number is shown on your Membership Card as well as your renewal notices, confirmations & receipts. If you do not know your Member Number, please click here and send us your full name, date of birth and address.


Q: Where can I get Membership receipts?

A: All Membership receipts are automatically uploaded to your Member Area/My Invoices and Receipts, after you loginPlease note there is no official Tax Receipt for Membership dues, only a paid invoice.


Q: Are Membership dues refundable?

A: All Membership fee payments are final. No refund will be issued.


Q: I have been inactive for three years. Do I have to pay 3 years of back dues?

A: No, you will not be required to pay back dues for all seasons that you were not a Member. When reinstating, you will be responsible to pay a Reinstatement fee plus the cost of the Annual Membership the season you reactivate. For information on Reinstatement click here.


Q: When will I get my Membership card?

A: As of the 2020-2021 season you will no longer receive a plasticized CSIA Membership card. This was a decision made in an effort to reduce the CSIA environmental footprint. Please click here to view or download your electronic Membership card (login required).


Q: I am a Level 1 Instructor and have been inactive for 12 years. Do I have to retake my Level 1 Certification?

A: Once you have passed your Certification, it is yours for life. However, upon reinstatement you will be required to complete a Recall of your Certification in order to get everything up to date according to CSIA Standards. For more information on CSIA Recall click here.


Q: How do I get the International Certification (ISIA) Sticker?

A: In order to qualify for the ISIA Recognition you must be a Regular or Associate Member of the organization holding CSIA Level 3 or above, and you must provide proof of a valid Avalanche Safety Training and First Aid Certification as well as have accumulated 320 hours of education. For more information and to apply click here.


Q: I passed my Level 1 in March and I just received a Membership Renewal Invoice in August. Isn't my Membership good for one year after becoming certified?

A: When you passed your Level 1, you became certified, and enjoyed all the rights and privileges of a current CSIA Member for the remainder of the current membership season. CSIA Membership runs from October 1st to September 30th every year. To retain your Membership and receive all the Member rights and privileges for another season, there is an annual Membership fee to be paid each fall. Login to your Member Area/My Renewal to access the Renewal.


Q: I am a CSIA Member who resides in Ontario, however I teach at a mountain in Québec. How do I go about changing the Region we are affiliated with, in order to be able to vote on CSIA Québec Regional matters?

A: A Member may have their permanent address of residency in a given CSIA Region, but choose to teach skiing or reside, on a seasonal basis, in another Region. Click here to consult the CSIA’s procedure to change your Regional Affiliation on a seasonal basis.



Certification Programs FAQ


Q: How old do I have to be to take a Level 1 Program?

A: You must be 14 years of age by the first day of the Program. There are no exceptions.


Q: What type of skier must I be to take a Level 1 Program?

A: The Level 1 Ski Instructor Certification is for any skier over the age of 14 that is a competent parallel skier. The Level 1 Candidate can expect to be exposed to a variety of terrain, terrain features and snow conditions.


Q: But, I've never taught before.

A: No worries, that's what the Level 1 Program is all about. The Course Conductors are there to teach you how to instruct a lesson, so that you will be able to go out and deliver a great experience.


Q: So how much does a Level 1 Program cost?

A: The cost of the Program varies from Region to Region. You can find all the information pertaining to Program fees, please use Search and Register on the homepage or contact the National Office to get more details about the specific Region in which the Program will occur.


Q: I'm interested in taking a Level 1 Program this year. Where do I register?

A: All Level 1 Program are registered through the National Office website, using Search and Register.


Q: I took the Level 1 Program and was unsuccessful, what should I do next?

A: You must take a 2 day re-test on any scheduled Level 1 Program. To register please use Search and Register on the homepage.


Q: I've passed my Level 1 and want to take another Program?

A: Level 2 Certification, Snow Park Certification and Pro Days are your next possible steps. Check out the Certification tab for more information or use Search and Register on the homepage.


Q: What are the pre-requisites for Programs?

A: Please visit the Certification tab for a description of all Programs.


Q: If I only pass a portion of a Level 2 Exam, or 3 or 4 Exam, do I have to take it over again?

A: No. If you were unsuccessful meeting the standard on either, or both, portions of the Exam (Ski and/or Teach), you will not be required to attend the Skier/Teacher Development again. When coming back for a re-test on Exam, you will not be examined on the portion you've passed already; you will be re-tested on your failed portion only.


Q: I registered for a Program, what if the weather is extreme?

A: Programs take place regardless of weather conditions. The only time it might be cancelled is in the event of a lack of participants or when the Ski Area is closed for an extended period of time during the Program, due to extreme weather conditions (lack of snow, severe snow storms, lightning storms, intense high winds, etc.). Should the CSIA cancel, you will be contacted by the National Office and, if applicable, a full refund will be issued.


Q: Where can I get Program receipts?

A: All receipts are located in your Member Area/My Invoices and Receipts for the current season and last season. Tax Receipts are made available in February for the previous year.


Q: I need to transfer or cancel my Program, how can I do so?

A: To view our policy and access the form, please click here.


Q: I heard about Education credits, what are they?

A: Education credits were the core of our credit-based, modular certification system. They are no longer in effect as of the 2020-2021 season.



Insurance FAQ


Q: I am a CSIA Foreign Member and will be working as an instructor for a Snow School in Canada. If I were to injure myself while teaching, what coverage am I entitled to?

A: Although Foreign Members are covered under the accident, death and disability (AD&D) insurance program, the coverage is strictly limited to death and dismemberment indemnity, the principal sum being $25,000. The AD&D coverage is only for Members who are registered under a Canadian Provincial Medicare Program. For this reason, we strongly recommend that you investigate purchasing your own accident insurance coverage prior to travelling to Canada.


Q: I am a CSIA Instructor and I’m considering teaching independently at various Ski Resorts. Do I require the permission of the host resort to do so? If not, can you please explain why?

A: Each Resort will have its own policy on this. You will find that virtually NO Resort in Canada permits freelance instruction, where an individual not affiliated with the Resort accepts money to teach on the mountain. It is up to each Resort to set and enforce their policies. The CSIA has no involvement.

As a point of clarity, this has nothing to do with the many independent Snow Schools, operating across Canada. These organizations will have entered into agreements with the Resorts at which they operate. These agreements will likely include a requirement that the organization hold their own third party liability insurance and that the host Resort is provided coverage under that policy. Each Member must make their own choices with respect to their business activities. The CSIA works together with our Industry Partners for the good of the sport and the industry and we encourage each Member to make responsible, well thought-out decisions.


Q: As a CSIA Instructor, am I insured to teach privately or as an "Independent and Freelance Instructor" ?

A: No. coverage does NOT apply to instructors operating as an independent business. Please note that additional coverage is available and must be purchased if Members are conducting business as Independent/Freelance Instructor. The intent of the policy is NOT to provide coverage for Snow School/Ski Camp operations under a paid Membership renewal. For further details on the insurance coverage for Independent/Freelance Instructors teaching in Canada, please consult the information published under the Membership/Insurance section of our website or contact the National Office at 1-800-811-6428 Ext. 0, or by email at


Q: I am a CSIA Instructor and I would like to know if I am insured to teach outside of Canada?

A: No. You are only covered under our liability insurance program while teaching in Canada.


Q: I am a CSIA Member in good standing and still actively teaching in my 70's. However, I was told by a fellow Member that I am NOT covered by CSIA’s Insurance Programs. Is this true?

A: Our General Liability Policy does not have an age limitation. You are therefore covered for third party property damage or bodily injury while on the mountain, either while you are teaching under the employment of a recognized Snow School, or leisure skiing on your own personal time.

However, CSIA's Accidental Death and Disability (AD&D) policy does have an age limit for coverage of Members aged 70 years and over.


Q: Are Program Participants covered by the CSIA Accident, Death and Disability (AD&D) Policy?

A: The Accident Policy covers paid Members of the CSIA. Provided the participant is a paid Member, there might be coverage depending on the circumstances and the nature of the injury. It is best to contact the CSIA National Office to discuss this.


Q: I currently hold a Foreign Certification and reside in Europe. Last season, I obtained my CSIA Certification. I am interested in teaching in Europe and want to know if I am covered under the CSIA’s Liability Insurance Coverage? If not, can I pay a supplement to upgrade my insurance coverage?

A. The territory coverage on the policy is worldwide, meaning Members (as "insureds" on the policy) have coverage worldwide as well. The caveat is that, any particular suits must be launched in Canada for the policy to respond. For example, if a UK-based Member gets sued in the UK, there is no coverage, however, if they are sued in Canada, coverage will be provided.

It is important to understand that no Member is covered on a primary basis other than for free-skiing, or leisure skiing. The Member should confirm that the Snow School for which they are working, presumably somewhere in Europe, has insurance that covers their Ski Instructors. If this is the case, as in Canada, the CSIA policy will respond in excess of the Snow School's policy (again, only if the suit is launched in Canada). If the Snow School has no coverage, the Member should speak with an Insurance Broker in the country where they reside and arrange appropriate coverage, or seek employment with a company that does provide adequate primary coverage.



Affiliate Instructors FAQ


Q: I am certified from a foreign country, how can I become a CSIA Member?

A: You must send a copy of your current Certification and application form to the Membership Services Department to be granted an Affiliate CSIA Member status. For more information about the Affiliate Status and the link to the application form, please click here.


Q: If I want to become a CSIA Instructor, do I get any recognition for my other Certification(s)?

A: All Affiliate Instructors with legitimate Foreign Certification merit an assessed degree of recognition by the CSIA. Based on our charts, Affiliate Members will be assigned an equivalency to a CSIA Certification Level, which allows them to go straight to the next CSIA Certification Level.